Mario-Hoarau School inaugurated

The students of Piton B, in Saint-Leu, yesterday, were celebrating. Their new school, named Mario-Hoarau, was inaugurated with great pomp and circumstance.

"The fake lawn on the ground is better and it doesn't hurt when you fall... ", says Elé. The little girl, like all her classmates at the dilapidated Piton B school, seems very happy with her new school, Mario-Hoarau School...inaugurated yesterday in the district of Piton Bois-de-Nèfles. But the young student, involved in the ceremony since she sang a song in front of her classmates, parents and officials, is also pleased to have "clean toilets, round washbasins and lifts for the disabled ".
" In 2014, Saint-Leu entered the era of economic development with the opening of a commercial area at the Portal. In 2016, we will enter the era of major facilities ", said the deputy mayor, Thierry Robert. After the pool ceremony on October 7, yesterday's ceremony was also grand, as big as the event for the neighbourhood and school children.


Mario-Hoarau School welcomes since Tuesday the children attending school in Piton B. At the beginning of the 2017 school year, the kindergartens of Piton will be added to their elders, in a separate section. The school cost some €9 million, including the access road. " Of the 30 proposed projects, this one was the most expensive.said Constituency Inspector Patrick Avet-Rochex in his speech. It has a space to work and a living space that meets the standards of the 21st century. ".

Construction, wooden and bioclimatic has, it's true, a certain allure. " It's a pleasure to move here., rejoices Anne Fouréthe directrice. The geometrical volumes, the light, the view of the infinite sea, the greenery on the roof, the temperature in the classrooms, it impacts the children's minds."

On a surface area of 2643 m², the school group offers sixteen classrooms. On the ground floor, the offices face the dining room. Between the two wings, a courtyard covered with soft artificial grass under the foot separates an amphitheatre from a mobility room. Beyond the bleachers, upstairs, another courtyard extends between the kindergarten area and the rest of the school. The passageways protected by claustras give onto the classrooms, the library and the computer room. The complex is probably the most beautiful school on the island.

Even though Anne Fouré regrets the absence of a courtyard to protect its protégés from the elements. The small dishes were put yesterday in the big ones. Mario Lechat thanked for the memory of his father Mario HoarauHe was mayor of Saint-Leu from 1945 to 1958 and first president of the regional council between 1983 and 1986. Serge HoarauThe mayor of Petite-Ile, was present as the leader of the Anru project at the time. " Now that the catch-up is almost complete - the media library in the city centre is due to open in 2017 - we can move towards the standards of the modern city and the Saint-Leu of 2030. ", he promised Thierry Robert.

Philippe NANPON

Source : Le Quotidien de la Réunion

Release date: October 28, 2016

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